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Hard Disc Karaoke for Home Users

RenameMCG Utility

Tricerasoft Software owners - Download Karaoke songs (mp3+g format) online

How to buy, download and play karaoke songs on your home computer

Suitable for CAVS - DVD-203G USB, JB199, software based players 

For many years Karaoke enthusiasts have been searching for an easier way to play their karaoke songs. The same revolution as music is happening with karaoke. Music is moving away from the traditional CD disc to digital music stored on hard drives such as iPods, mp3 players and software based players such as Windows Media Player. You can now buy and download virtually any song legally for a few dollars. Players store thousands of songs and you never have to change a disc again. Eventually all music will be in this format and CD's will be like records are now (antiques). The Karaoke Manufacturers are slowly realising that karaoke will follow the same path. 

Legal Karaoke songs in Digital format for hard drives is now available from a number of sources. The largest one is CAVS in the USA where you can buy and download songs from a huge library. Most other manufacturers are however still living in the "dark ages" and have to date refused to release their product in digital format for hard drives. This will eventually change.

Here in Australia we are fortunate to have one Karaoke Manufacturer prepared to venture into this area. "Sundown Karaoke" has licenced their entire karaoke song library for use on digital hard drives. The library is over 200 songs and come from their 15 discs released to date. Sundown are based in New Zealand and are famous for the mastering of many of the Capital Karaoke CK discs. You can buy the Sundown Library in CAVS mcg format for $399 . For more information see below. 


When you purchase the Sundown Karaoke library you will be sent a DVD-ROM (+R or -R) with all the song library on it. The song files are encoded and in CAVS mcg format to help reduce piracy. On receipt you need to place the disc in your PC's DVD ROM drive and run the install programme. The install programme will require you to enter your details. You will also need to phone us at the time of the installation to obtain your "Serial Key". The Serial Key decodes the song files and copies them to your hard drive. Your hard drive may be on your PC or USB drive (FAT32 format). A hard copy of the licence documents will also be posted to the purchaser as proof of purchase. This licence must be kept with the hard drive at all times. The install programme creates a Licence.txt file with all your licence details. It is stored with the copied songs on your hard drive.

The licence only allows one copy to be made. You are not permitted to make further copies unless you pay for the other copies and additional licences are issued. Users found with ILLEGAL copies will be prosecuted. 

The installation programme also copies the ENGLISH.INX file required by the CAVS DVD-203G USB player to display the song list. A Microsoft  Excel file is also included with the track number, title and artist. This allows you to print out song lists without having to type a song!

Playing the karaoke song with a CAVS DVD-203G USB is easy. Select the USB mode on the player, select the song from the list and it plays immediately. No discs to get scratched or damaged. All you need is the player and a USB drive. You can even store quite a few songs on a pen drive (FAT 32 format). The pen drives are as big as a highlighter and range in capacity up to 1GB or so. This would be great for karaoke singers as they can carry their favourite song library on the pen drive to the venue. They give the pen drive to the Karaoke host, he/she plugs it into the player USB port and instant favourite songs!

The CAVS DVD-203G USB player without INX support can access up to 1000 songs per folder and up to 250 folders. It is possible to have a total of 250,000 karaoke songs on one external USB hard drive. A 300GB drive can hold around 60,000 karaoke songs stored in CAVS mcg format. If you use the ENGLISH.INX file support then you can play up to 9999 songs in one folder plus list by title, artist or search using the menu system on the player.  


External 300GB USB Hard Drive & pre-loaded Sundown Karaoke Library



The DVD-203G USB player is perfect for the home user. You can transfer all your CDG karaoke songs to the hard drive. Never touch your precious CDG discs again. All your songs can be played from the USB drive.

Here is how you do it:
You need a PC with a CD ROM capable of reading CDG discs (e.g. most Plextor brand - see CAVS website for compatible models).
Purchase, download and install on your PC a programme from CAVS called "Encoder mcg". It costs about US$30.00 (approximately AUD$40.00) to download. For a limited time it also comes FREE with any USB model CAVS player.
Use Encode mcg to extract the karaoke songs from your CDG discs and create mcg & mp3 files from them on your external USB drive.
Use ADCD Karaoke new utility called "RenameMCG" or 
Rename each pair of files with a consecutive 5 digit filename e.g. 00001.mcg & 00001.mp3, 00002.mcg & 00002.mp3 etc.
Create a List.txt file as per the CAVS instructions.  This file contains each karaoke songs filename, title and artist.
Download CAVS Assistant programme (free - see their website) and convert the List.txt file data to a file called ENGLISH.INX. This file is used by the player to display the titles on the screen. You can list by title, artist and even seach using the menu system on the player. The INX file must be put in the folder with the karaoke songs.
Without INX supporrt you can have up to 1000 songs in one folder and up to 250 folders. With INX support you can have up to 9999 songs in one folder.

After you connect the USB drive to the player, turn the player on. After the player initialises, select U for USB drive. 

All the folders on the USB are displayed. Select the desired folder.

For folders without INX files - all the files are displayed. Enter the number of the desired track and press play. 

For folders with INX files - the track selection menu appears. Enter the desired track and press play. Search facilities can also be used with folders having a INX file. 

Karaoke songs can be programmed up to 10 in advance. Each song plays then stops before playing the next one. Press play to continue.

RenameMCG Utility Programme for use with CAVS DVD-203G USB

The process of renaming all the mcg and mp3 files and creating the LIST.txt file can be very time consuming if you have alot of CDG's. ABCD Karaoke has developed a utility programme called "RenameMCG" to help the home user automatically rename all the mcg and mp3 files plus automatically create the LIST.txt file. It's a real time saver. Here is what it does:

  1. Rip the mcg & mp3 files using the CAVS Encoder programme to one folder per CDG. You must allow the Encoder programme to name the ripped files Track01.mcg etc.
  2. When all your CDG's are completed create a LIST.txt file in each folder with the title and artist as per the CAVS instructions. Sort the data in the track order. NOTE: No numbers are necessary at the front if you are using our "RenameMCG".
  3. Create a destination folder on the USB drive where you want all your CDG's to be placed (up to 1000 songs per folder).
  4. Run our utility programme "RenameMCG".
  5. Select the first CDG folder as the source and the USB hard drive destination folder. 
  6. Enter the starting number e.g.1 for the forst track on the first CDG to go into the folder, 17 for the first track on the second CDG to transfer etc.
  7. Click "RENAME" to start the process. The utility copies across each file across to the USB destination folder and renames them in sequence. It also created the LIST.txt file with the correct filename number at the start of each track title.
  8. Repeat the process for each CDG folder. The LIST.txt file is added to each time you add more tracks to the USB folder.
  9. When you are finished you have all your CDG tracks in one folder, numbered sequentially, with one LIST.txt file with all the titles.
  10. Run the CAVS Assistant programme to create the ENGLISH.INX file in the USB folder.

The "RenameMCG" utility is FREE when you purchase a CAVS DVD-203G USB karaoke player from us. As an extra bonus to our customers we may be able to also give you a LIST.txt file for each CDG you purchase from us. This saves you having to type in all the titles and artists. Look for this symbol  . The FREE RenameMCG utility also has a facility to create a song book file from all the songs on your USB drive.

How to buy download and play karaoke songs on your home computer

The cheapest and easiest way to play karaoke at home is to buy, download and play karaoke songs with your home computer. Here's how:

  1. Download a free karaoke player called WinAmp from here www.winamp.com/player/free.php Install the player on your PC.
  2. Download the free mp3+g CDG plugin for WinAmp here www.physysteme.com/mp3g_plugin.exe . You will need this plugin to see the words on your screen. Install the plugin on your PC.
  3. Search our online database for karaoke songs, purchase and download your tracks. The download files will be one with an mp3 extension (the music) and the other with a .cdg extension (the words). Copy the karaoke files to a folder for your karaoke music.
  4. Start WinAmp and play one of your karaoke .mp3 files. If there is the same track name with the .cdg extension then WinAmp will show the song words on the screen.


This above procedure has been prepared by ABCD Karaoke for its customers use only. It may not be copied or reproduced in any form without the express permission of ABCD Karaoke.